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Airdrop Details

Tokens 2000 MORPHER
Est. value $30
Protocol ERC20
Total Supply na
Referral Yes
End in na
Price/Token $0.03
Morpher Airdrop is  1000 MORPHER tokens worth $30 to their community members. To participate, Visit the Morpher  airdrop page and submit your email id to claim the tokens and also complete the KYC verification. Invite friends and earn 500 MORPHER tokens worth $16 for each referral.
Morpher Airdrop

Steps for Morpher Airdrop:

    1. Visit the Airdrop Page.
    2. Submit your email id and click on "claim tokens"
    3. Complete your KYC verification.
    4. Also, invite friends and earn 1000 MORPHER tokens worth $16 for each referral.

Desiairdrops Review


Morpher is built on the Ethereum Blockchain, and tokens. are an Ethereum based cryptocurrency (an ERC20 token to be precise). This is compatible with most crypto wallets. And can be listed on all major exchanges.  power our unique trading platform. They’re used as the currency for investments. All trades are settled in tokens instead of USD or Bitcoin.

The tokens are a crucial part of their platform, so we wanted to distribute them to people that are interested. Their mission is to democratize finance, and that’s hard to accomplish if you put a price tag on entry. It’s another way they are trying to remove barriers from trading and investing.


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