BlockChain of Things3

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Airdrop Details

Est. value $100,000 & $500
Protocol ERC20
Total Supply 49,000,000,000 BOTS
Referral Yes
End in
Price/Token $0.0025
BlockChain of Things3
Blockchain of Things Airdrop is $100,000 and  $500 tokens to their community members. To participate, Sign up at Bots website, Also invite your friends and earn and win big rewards.
BlockChain of Things Airdrop

Steps for Blockchain of Things Airdrop:

    1. Sign up at BOTS Website and verify your email id.
    2. Join their Telegram group and Telegram Channel.
    3. Also, invite your friends and earn $10 BOTS for each referral.

Program Details

🇸🇬 Vip 1: $100,000 => $500 + Singapore

🇦🇪 Vip 2: $300,000 => $1,000 + Dubai Trip

💻 Vip 3: $500,000 => $2,000 + Macbook Pro

⌚️ Vip 4: $1,000,000 => $3,000 + Omega Watch

🚘 Vip 5: $1,500,000 => $5,000 + Honda Civic


Desiairdrops Review

Blockchain Of Things:


Blockchain Of Things has an extended function that allows businesses and individuals to create applications based on Blockchain follow the idea of having products and services with access, security, allow data storage, management and communication between applications
Internet of Things (IoT).

BotsChain is a database cloud project aimed at creating a simple and secure infrastructure platform that allows individuals, businesses, and startup to build their ideas are based on it. Providing the platform to build, develop and effectively support billions of with high scalability, durability, and performance.


Milestones  Visit the Roadmap Here to know more about the Blockchain of Things project.

Whitepaper  Visit the White Paper Here to know more about the Blockchain of Things project.

Team  To know more about the Blockchain of Things. Team and their experiences Click Here.

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