Quube 2

Quube 2

Rewards: 36 QRP~$18+Ref

Quube Airdrop is 36 QRP worth of $18. Join their telegram group and submit your details in the telegram bot. Also, invite your friends to earn 4 QRP worth of $2 for each referral.

About Quube :

QUUBE is ready to accelerate assets trading processes by creating a Security Token Market and Launchpad dedicated to the different types of securities. This technology instantly may be applied for the Global Notes creation and tokenization preferably for the REGS type of corporate stocks and bonds. It is rated  4.6 on ICO bench.

Quube Airdrop

Steps for Quube Airdrop:

    1. Sign up at Quube Exchange and verify your email id.
    2. Start chat with Telegram bot.
    3. Join their Telegram group.
    4. And, also Join their Telegram channel.
    5. Follow them on Twitter and retweet their pinned post.
    6. Join and read a Quube review on the ICO Announcement channel.
    7. Follow ICO Announcement on Twitter and retweet their post.
    8. Also, invite your friends to earn 4 QRP worth of $2 for each referral.                                        Watch below video for step-by-step instructions:

Additional ICO information

Token Ticker
Soft Cap
5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
87,500,000 USD
Total Supply

Token Sale Date
ERC-20 Ethereum Network

Have a Happy Airdropping!

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