Rewards: 50 EFK~$na+Ref

REFORK brings a solution to the current global issues with plastic. The entire process of manufacturing single-use plastics, from crude-oil extraction to their storage, poses a significant threat to our environment (climate change). The only way to prevent the continuing destruction of their planet is to follow the rules of a circular economy and to use only biodegradable materials.

Refork is airdropping 50 EFK tokens to each airdrop participant. Also, invite friends and earn 20 EFK tokens for each referral.

Steps for Airdrop:

    1. Start a chat with  Telegram Bot.
    2. Solve the captcha.
    3. Enter your email id in the bot.
    4. Join their Telegram Group.
    5. Follow them on Instagram.
    6. Follow them on Twitter.
    7. Follow them on Facebook Page.
    8. Click on “Add Wallet” and submit your ETH wallet address.
    9. Also, invite friends  and earn 20 EFK tokens for each referral.

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