RowanEnergy Blockchain

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Airdrop Details

Tokens 60 RWN
Est. value $27
Protocol RWN
Total Supply 45,000,000 RWN
Referral Yes
End in na
Price/Token $0.45
RowanEnergy Blockchain
RowanEnergy Blockchain Airdrop is 60 RWN tokens worth $27 to each airdrop participants. Sign up at Rowan. Join airdrop bot, complete social tasks and submit all your details to the bot. Also, invite friends and earn 9 RWN tokens worth $4.05 for each referral.
rokenenergy blockchain airdrop

Steps for RowanEnergy Blockchain Airdrop :

    1. Sign up at Rowanenergy website and verify your email id. (mandatory: 10 RWN)
    2. Start chat with Telegram Bot.
    3. Join their Telegram Group and Telegram Channel. (mandatory: 10 RWN)
    4. Follow them on Twitter and retweet the pinned post.(mandatory: 10 RWN)
    5. Follow them on Facebook. (optional: 7.5 RWN)
    6. Follow them on LinkedIn. (optional: 7.5 RWN)
    7. Subscribe to their  Youtube Channel, like and share one of the videos on one of your social media. (optional: 7.5 RWN)
    8. Join Advertiser's Telegram. (optional: 1 RWN)
    9. Subscribe Advertiser's Youtube Channel, like and share Airdrop video on one of your social media. (optional: 4  RWN)
    10. Follow Advertiser's Twitter and retweet the post about Rowanenergy blockchain airdrop. (optional: 2.5 RWN)
    11. Submit all your details to the bot.
    12. You should create an RWN wallet on your website profile. (follow instruction from a bot itself)
    13. Also, invite friends and earn 9 RWN tokens worth $4.05 for each referral.

Desiairdrops Review

RowanEnergy Blockchain:


The Rowan Blockchain has been created to spark a sustainability revolution transforming the current “enabling environment”. Their the platform is designed to become a leading incentive for sustainable living a first in the energy sector.


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