Rewards : 150 RUT ~$na+Ref

Rutile is a decentralised application platform that allows businesses to create better experiences for their users.By making Rutile a fee-less network we eliminate any friction between your user and the application. Allowing for more engagement on your application.

Rutile is airdropping 150 RUT tokens to each airdrop participant. Also invite friends to earn 100 RUT for each referral. Also sign up and complete social tasks to receive tokens.

Steps for Airdrop:

  1. Sign up at Rutile Airdrop and verify your email id. (+ 50 RUT)
  2. Login into the dashboard.
  3. Follow on Twitter and tweet (+ 100 RUT)
  4. Set  your ETH wallet address in the dashboard.
  5. Also invite friends to earn 100 RUT tokens for each referral.

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Have a Happy Airdropping !

Watch below video for step-by-step instructions: