Sensorium by KuCoin

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Airdrop Details

Tokens SENSO
Est. value $10
Protocol na
Total Supply 5,915,280,000
Referral No
End in 26/03/2020
Price/Token $na
Sensorium by KuCoin
Sensorium by Kucoin Airdrop is 500 SENSO token to their community members. To participate, sign up, visit the airdrop, complete the social tasks, submit your details to the airdrop form to receive 500 SENSO. Also, 50 participants will be selected randomly to win $10 in SENSO.
Sensorium by Kucoin Airdrop

Steps for Sensorium by Kucoin Airdrop:

    1. Sign up at Kucoin exchange and verify your email id.
    2. Follow Kucoin and Sensorium Galaxy on Twitter.
    3. Retweet this tweet with a comment, including the hashtag. (SENSO, @KuCoin)
    4. Submit your details to the Airdrop Form.
    5. Also, 50 participants will be selected randomly to win $10 in SENSO.

Desiairdrops Review

Sensorium and Kucoin:

Sensorium Corporation is a technology company that creates digital simulations of real-world venues. And also virtual worlds in cooperation with its content partners. Globally recognized concert venues, clubs, and also festivals. This new Social VR technology is poised to provide unprecedented ways for artists. Performance venues, game publishers. And also, virtual influencers to entertain and also engage fans globally across interactive environments. It is already listed on Kucoin Exchange

KuCoin is a crypto exchange based in Hong Kong. Backed by foreign investment giants. Also, it is the exchange of choice for five million global users. KuCoin is a relatively new kid on the block. It did not take long to establish itself as a prominent one-stop-shop for altcoins. Launched in August 2017. The exchange has over 150 cryptocurrencies, 400 markets. And also no record of concerning incidents. Also, It offers bank-level security, slick interface, beginner-friendly UX. And some of the lowest fees in the market. Besides, it uses an advanced trading engine, so there are no lags even during the busiest hours. Investors like KuCoin due to its tendency to list small-cap and lesser-known cryptos, because of a large selection of altcoins. And also appealing profit-sharing incentives. further, Up to 90% of trading fees go back to the KuCoin community through KuCoin Shares (KCS) tokens.


Whitepaper Visit the White Paper Here to know more about the Sensorium project.

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