We @DesiAirdrops with concern to our users privacy and safety we suggest below points for your secutity. Follow the below precautions to avoid the scams, attacks from hackers who steal your private keys, wallets and accounts and make your account empty.

DO’s :

  1. 1. Activate multi factor authentication whenever is possible.
  2. 2. Use virtual machines for custom wallets.
  3. 3. Inform to community members if suspect.
  4. 4. Go through the reviews, Team ,whitepaper and Linkedin and other social accounts of airdrops.
  5. 5. Reach out to ICO projects directly to cla.

DONT’s :

  1. 1. Do not give your Private Key to any one.
  2. 2. Do not share your personal data like password, Code,OTP & etc.,
  3. 3.Do not register multiple times.
  4. 4.Do not click suspected links.

Your security is our priority

Please feel free to contact us at