Rewards: 80 SBN~$28 +Ref

SynchroBit airdrop is 80 SBN tokens worth $28 and a total worth $1,000,000 tokens to their community members. Also, invite friends and earn $2 BOTS for each referral.

About SynchroBit:

SynchroBit is a multilayered and innovative Exchange platform that provides its users with the most diversified markets to trade all kinds of digital assets in a P2P manner, with both major fiat and cryptocurrencies. SynchoroBit enables newcomers to trade like a professional trader by making their trades much faster, easier, smarter, cheaper, and better than ever.

syncrobit airdrop

SynchroBit is rated 4.6 on ICO Bench and the mother company ‘Synchronium’ is featured on Forbes.

Steps for SynchroBit Airdrop:

    1. Sign up at SynchroBit, verify the email and complete your KYC.
    2. Start a chat with SynchroBit Airdrop Bot.
    3. Join their Telegram group.
    4. Follow their Twitter and retweet their pinned Tweet.
    5. Like their Facebook page and repost their pinned Post.
    6. Follow them on Instagram.
    7. Subscribe to their Youtube channel.
    8. Submit your details in the bot to claim 80 SNB tokens
    9. Invite your friends to earn 5 SNB tokens for each referral.


ICO Price :                          1 SBN = 0.35 USD
ICO End Date:                   28 December 2019
Soft Cap:                              12,500,000 SNB (Reached)
Maximum Supply:           1 Billion SNB
Blockchain Standard:    ERC-20 Based Utility Token
Country:                              United Kingdom

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