Rewards: 60 VCN ~ $30+ref 

VeganNation is a worldwide community designed for vegans. It aims to build a unified, international vegan force through the use of blockchain technology. It supports veganism by offering a decentralized vegan restaurant, a universal currency for vegans, and other services. VeganNation is airdropping 60 VCN tokens to their community members. Also get 10 VCN for every referral.

Steps for Airdrop:

  1. Signup at VeganNation Website and verify your email (10 VCN).
  2. Login to dashboard and click on “Community”.
  3. Join their Telegram group. (+10 VCN, Optional)
  4. Follow them on Twitter. (+10 VCN, Optional)
  5. Like their Facebook page. (+10 VCN, Optional)
  6. Follow them on Instagram. (+10 VCN, Optional)
  7. Follow them on Medium. (+10 VCN, Optional)
  8. You will get 60 VCN tokens and also get 10 VCN for every valid referral.

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                                                   Have a Happy Airdropping !