Rewards :2L XCA~$TBA+Ref

X-CASH is a cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology. The platform aims to become a global intermediary for all kind of payments and reduce transaction costs by 99%.

X-Cash airdroping every month and also XCash release 1% of their coins through an Airdrop process  for airdrop participants also invite friends to get 20% tokens for each referral

Steps For Airdrop:

  1. Sign up at X-CASH  Website  and verify email
  2. Generate a  X-Cash Paper Wallet
  3. Login and submit your details in the airdrop form
  4. Join their  Telegram Group
  5. Select menu “airdrop calendar” and choose December airdrop button
  6. Also Invite your friends to get 25% of tokens

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 Have a Happy Airdropping !