Rewards: 250 YEZ~$50+Ref

Yezcoin is a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange that combines the speed of a centralized exchange with the world-class security of a decentralized exchange. We are dedicated to security and have tripled security measures by verifying traders with their biometric information and preventing them from sending their crypto to known scam artists and Internationally sanctioned addresses.

Yezcoin is airdropping 250 YEZ tokens worth $50 for each airdrop participant. Invite your friends and earn 10 YEZ tokens for each referral.

Steps for Airdrop:

      1. Create a Yezcoin account.
      2. Verify your mail and log in.
      3. Join their Telegram group.
      4. Complete your KYC details and submit a screenshot in Telegram group.
      5. Create your YEZ wallet address.
      6. Like their Facebook page and share their facebook page with the hashtags,(#yezcoinairdropKYC250)& submit the screenshot in telegram group.
      7. Like their  Twitter page and share the twitter page with hashtags, (#yezcoinairdropKYC250)& submit the screenshot in telegram group.
      8. Subscribe to their Youtube channel and share a page using hashtags,(#yezcoinairdropKYC250)& submit the screenshot in telegram group.
      9. Submit your details in airdrop form.
      10. Invite your friends and earn 10 YEZ tokens for each referral.
      11. Verified members can also earn up to 200 YEZ for their offline purchases from local merchants (restaurants,  bakery, gas stations, gyms & spas, hotels, salons and nails, groceries, dry cleaners, doctor’s office, hotels, etc.).

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Have a Happy Airdropping!